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Thursday, October 09, 2008

First Baby Hat is completed

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I really like this pattern from Hither and Yarn. It's called the Grow With Me Baby Hat, and it turned out beautifully. And it is such a quick knit, just a couple of hours. This is Sugar 'n' Cream on size 8 DPNs. (Amazon is selling Sugar 'n' Cream?!? Fantastic!!)

As for the log cabin baby blanket, it is on break until I get some circular needles long enough to hold it. The connectors on some of my Denise cables had weakened so that the needle would pop right off the cable. I sent them in, along with an order for some of the really long cables, and they were replaced for free! They are now in the mail, on their way home to me. When they get here, work on the log cabin baby blanket will resume. I love life-time guarantees. I am rather hard on my knitting needles because I use them so much.



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