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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lots of progress on the baby blanket!

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My photography skills are significantly diminished by my immobility. This is the best I could do from my nest on the couch.

In one more log cabin strip, the blanket will be 16 x 16 inches. Which is pretty amazing for a few days worth of knitting.

My goal is for the baby blanket to be a minimum of 24 x 24 inches before I run out of willow yarn. The willow color is the speckly green and white bit. Blue Sky Alpacas has discontinued their green colorways for the undyed organic cotton line. I have two skeins of every color except for willow, of which I have only one skein. And since it's discontinued, I am now feverishly searching for another skein of willow. I found some in a New Zealand shop yesterday, and they were willing to ship it to the US, but the shipping alone was $25. Jim asked me to keep looking.

Oh please, oh please let this get to a decent baby blanket size before I run out of yearn.



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