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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

BabyHat #1

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I have been invited to another baby shower for Baby Self! I am excited because I love baby showers, but I'm a little concerned about the gift. The log cabin blanket is for the second baby shower so I can show it at show and tell at Atlanta Knitting Guild. So I need a gift for the first baby shower. Now I know that I don't NEED to get two gifts, one for each shower, but I like to. Especially for first-time parents who really do need some swag.

So this is a hat for the first baby shower. The current plan is to make a bunch of baby hats and mittens for the first shower. I've heard several times that baby booties do not stay on wiggly baby feet, so I think I will avoid baby booties. Baby Self is being born around Thanksgiving, so the new mother & father will need some hats and mittens to keep their little peanut warm. Maybe baby knee socks will stay on better than booties. Or maybe I'll make a pair of booties just for form's sake.

Is it a complete faux pas to give a new mother items that must be hand washed? Because I have some lovely wool (not superwash) for these hats and mittens, but it would have to be handwashed.



  • I'd probably save the non-superwash for gifts for the baby when he/she gets a bit older. Babies spit up, drool, drop food on, poop/pee in their clothes constantly (at least at first) so it would require a LOT of commitment on the parents' part to hand wash everything you give them. Plus, with the lack of sleep they're going to be experiencing, they might accidentally felt something you give them, and that would make them feel bad. I recommend Cascade 220 superwash for baby projects like sweaters, hats, etc. that are going to see a lot of wear, as they have all the warmth of non-superwash but with the added ability to wash at will with no fear of felting. Also, a lot of Debbie Bliss's yarns are machine washable, but are wonderful blends of merino, cashmere, etc. that make beautiful baby things. Good luck making all of the gifts- you're sure to be the hit of the shower!

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